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2022 Festival Program

UDFF 2022 Trailer
Utah Dance Film Festival Teaser

Utah Dance Film Festival Teaser

Worlds within dance film revealed. May 28-29, live and online. Tickets at Films featured: Becoming (Utah) - Directed by Rebecca Aneloski, featuring performances by Haleigh Larmer, Kerry McCrackin, Masio Sangster , Ursula Perry, and Morgan Phillips . Anyone (US) - Directed by James Kinney . Vision (Utah) - Directed by Alec Lyons and Haleigh Larmer with music by Ryan Herrick . Black Stains (US) - Directed by Tiffany Rhynard, featuring performances by Jerel Hercules, Daniel Morimoto, Larry Rosalez, Esrom Williams Jr., Trent D. Williams Jr.⁠ . Metamorph (Utah) - Directed by Rachel Robison, featuring performances by Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company . While She Waits (Netherlands) - Directed by Sonja Wyss & Jorijn Vriesendorp⁠, featuring performer Jorijn Vriesendorp with music by Mattijs Mollee⁠ . Edging Normal (US) - Directed by Andre Bato, featuring performer Desmond Richardson⁠ with music by Steve Hackman & Dave Koz⁠ . #FreeBelarus (Belarus) - Directed by Olga Rabeskaya, featuring performances by Rabetskaya and Anna Gichan⁠ with music by Ran Bagno . scattered. place. (US) - Directed by Katherine Helen Fisher, featuring performances by Julia Asher, Chase Benjamin, Natalie Cox, Chase Fittin, Lincoln Gray, Rush Johnston, Eliana Krasner, Rebecca Lee, Clare Naughton, Elizabeth Chaillé, Aren Cedric⁠ with music by Chris Carlson . the outcome (US) - Directed by Lisa Lam, featuring performer Ashley Eng and music by Maria Vertiz⁠ . According to Movement (Canada) - Directed by Beatriz Mediavilla⁠, featuring choreographer Thierry Thieû Niang⁠ with music by Antoine Bédard (Montag)⁠ . #utdancefilmfest
2019 Festival Trailer
2018 Official Selections


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