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All online screenings are live on our website. Screenings and films will be accessible on-demand at a cost of $5 per screening, or $30 to access all six screenings.

Navigate to the WATCH tab in our site menu to select a screening.

The next step is to Subscribe to our website.

The final step is payment.

Once payment is submitted, you'll have access to the screening or film you wish to view by returning to the WATCH tab in the site menu, and selecting the screening for which you've paid.

We know it's a little odd to subscribe to a website to view a video, but we're working with what we have this year! 

UDFF won't use your email address for literally any purpose. In the off-season following the event, we get slammed with submissions and working with jury members. It would be rad to do something cute like manage a database or send a newsletter, but your information is safe with us because we're too busy to use it, and definitely opposed to selling it.

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